Digitally Disadvantaged

Living through a national lockdown as a result of a global pandemic presents huge challenges; not least, for home-learning. Home-learning is particularly difficult when you simply do not have access to the technology you need. Recognising this is a reality for many families, we decided we could, and should, do something to help those who are digitally disadvantaged.

There are many of us who are fortunate to be able to keep up-to-date technologically - equipped with the latest laptops and tablets in our homes. But it goes further than that; Many, also have a slightly older, redundant device doing nothing but gathering dust at the back of our cupboard.

Having reached out to many of the schools across the district in order to gauge the scale of the need, we launched our "Laptops & Tablets for Schools" initiative where we began collecting in as many surplus, redundant devices as possible, refurbish and update them ready to be given out to families who need the equipment.

For each device we carry out the following;

Check over for obvious damage
PSU replaced if wiring is damaged
Hard drive is removed and replaced with solid state drive (SSD)
Laptops are given fresh install of Windows 10
Any laptop which cannot run Windows 10 is installed with Linux Mint (Best Windows alternative)
Install Zoom, Teams, Skype and Libre Office
Tablet devices are completely factory reset for the recipient to set up as desired

If you have an unused, fully working device (newer than 2010) laying around which that you would like to benefit a young student with their home-learning, do go ahead and register your donation on our online donation form

Financial Donations

Note: All donations are made to Vineyard Community Church, Daventry (The charity) and treated as "Restricted Funds" that are only used for the purposes they are given - in this case, the Laptops/Tablets for Schools project.

Cheques to be made payable to "Daventry Vineyard" and sent to;

Vineyard Community Church
Foodbank House
18A Benbow Close
NN11 4JP

Set up a single-payment direct-debit donation:

Thank you!