One-off Sermons

Dedications Service - Ange presents some great parenting advice

Listen in as Joanna shares with us the Easter Story

Rob takes this morning to look back and remember all the Lord has done in and through us as we come to celebrate our 18th Birthday.

We all want this to be a year that God comes through for us; that he makes the path smooth; helps us to become successful and win. And yet God's desire is to mature faith in each of us. His response is often "OK, but you take the first step".

Rob Brown walks us through the drama of the final week leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus - culminating in his amazing and glorious resurrection and victory over death - bringing us back into that inseparable relationship with our loving Father in heaven.

If there's one thing we've learnt about ourselves through this pandemic, it's that we don't like having limitations put on us. The reality is though, that, whilst God built us with unique gifts and talents, he also built us with unique limitations. Beating stress is often a simple case of us opearing within those limitations.

What is Church? Paul challenges us to think about us BEING the Church as opposed to us GOING TO Church.